Thursday, February 13, 2020

G&S Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

G&S - Research Paper Example This procedure for DNA forensic always begins at the scene where the crime has take place. Biological samples like saliva stain, blood remains, and semen samples are identified, collected, and transported to the laboratory for forensic laboratory analysis. There are instances where the DNA technique cannot be useful unless the investigators have found sufficient historical information on the suspect in check when a match is made in state or either national database (Balding, 2005). Once the lab analysis is complete with suspect’s analysis, the report is made available to investigators who must have some knowledge about the suspect in question. This is the situation where the law enforcer’s gets most challenging situation, as the DNA for the profile for the real offender may not be available for comparison with the materials recovered in the crime scene. Besides they have to ensure that they create an environment that ensures that, they obtain information from the suspects in a way that respect the privacy of those individuals (Butler, 2005). The federal law gives the FBI security sector the responsibility to administer and give support to the national DNA index system. Therefore, various states have enacted laws that ensure the DNA of convicted criminals is collected on specific crimes. This has made many states improve and expand the mandates involving the collection to include and retention of the offenders DNA’s samples after arrest (Butler, 2005). There has been gradual improvement forensic science of DNA as compared to traditional way where most DNA forensic was entirely based on scanning the fingerprints of the suspects that are left at the crime scenes. This traditional method entailed manual identification of fingerprints in absence of the suspects (Butler, 2012). This method was referee as cold searching. The method was slow, challenging and was not practical.

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